My name is Erick Harding.

I am proud to be in charge of Legacy for a multitude of reasons.

The website and game you see before you, is the result of hard work and passion from dozens of people through out the years. It is important to note, that from inception to Alpha, not a penny has been spent. Not to say that the people who have worked on the project arent owed money, but I wanted to show the world the power of determination and leadership; what someone who has a great idea and perseverance can accomplish.

I have hand picked amazing programmers, artists, and designers from all around the world. These people were willing to take the risk of doing a job that may or may not succeed, and I've always believed the people who take the risk SHOULD be rewarded.

This company has passionate people working in it, and i believe the passion is shown in the quality of the work. So I personally want to thank each person who has read this page, all the players, and especially my team, who made this entire project possible.


Erick Harding
C.E.O. Starcat Studios